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Bereavement Support

Preferred Lifestyle Services Helps Restore Your Parent’s Quality of Life


Learning to live with the loss of a loved one is a very personal experience. The process of reclaiming a quality of life is dependent on your parent’s individual life experiences. For some people, mourning and grieving may take months –for others, becoming emotionally well enough to enjoy life may take years.

All of us benefit from assistance during difficult times. If you parent is finding it difficult to cope, his or her independence may be at risk.

Preferred Lifestyle Services is available to your parent for any and all needs 24 hours a day/7days a week. Daily telephone assurance calls, transportation, meal services, all care coordination for in-home and in-facility needs, companions, shopping, relocation, Alzheimer’s care, and home maintenance and repairs are only a few of the many services available.

Your parent’s compassionate, experienced, professional Nurse Care Manager knows how to help

  • Increase your parent’s safety
  • Decrease your parent’s anxiety
  • Reduce your parent’s depression

Above all, your parent’s Preferred Lifestyle Services Nurse Care Manager can help restore your parent’s peace of mind—and yours.


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