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An Ounce of Prevention “Wellness” Program

Preferred Lifestyle Services Wellness Program can help you:

  • Reduce Your Risk of Falling
  • Increase Your Physical Energy
  • Ease the Transition to Difficult Lifestyle Changes

The Preferred Lifestyle Services Ounce of Prevention program can help enhance your feelings of health and well-being and improve your quality of life.


Each program begins with a comprehensive assessment of your medical status and lifestyle. We’ll talk with you about your current physical, mental, nutritional, environmental status and your diet, exercise program, and risk potential for falls and other problems. You and your Nurse Care Manager will discuss the information we gather and identify potential problem areas; then we’ll develop interventions to help prevent illness, promote wellness, and improve your everyday capacity for living a happier, healthier, more independent life.


Your individual Ounce of Prevention assessment and plan can help you begin taking an active part in planning your future. You can start now to help yourself:

  • Remain Independent Longer
  • Maintain a Higher Level of Physical Health
  • Restore Confidence in Your Own Abilities
  • Improve your Emotional Health
  • Reduce your Risk of Falls
  • Reduce the Potential for Hospitalizations
  • Remain in Your Own Home if You Become Ill
  • Contain Health Care Costs
  • Regain & Maintain More Control as You Age
  • Learn Preventive Techniques to Help Stay Healthier Longer
  • Learn to Integrate Forced Life Style Changes Into Your Life


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