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Losing Sleep & Patience Over Dad's Snoring

Judie Rappaport
October 2, 2014

Dear Judie,


Dad (89) is married to a much younger woman (78). When I visited last night, I was astounded—she gave him a black eye! She said Dad’s snoring has kept her awake for years and she just couldn’t take it anymore. First the noise wakes her up, so she shakes him and he stops just long enough for her to fall back asleep. Then he starts snoring even louder. The other night, in a moment of desperation, she just hauled off and socked him! Dad’s happily showing off his shiner, strutting around telling all his friends what a “tiger” his “young” wife is. I’m wondering if he’s going to get hurt.

- Penny, Ft. Pierce


Dear Penny,


We’re happy Dad’s enjoying his new status, but blackening his eye is dangerous. Snoring results from diverse factors, including sleep apnea, nasal problems, mouth anatomy, and too much alcohol right before bedtime. An Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist (Otolaryngologist) can identify and treat the cause of dad’s snoring. It’s natural to link dad’s wife’s stress and angry physical reaction to her sleep deprivation, but that may or may not be the entire story. To help prevent further violence, it’s important for her to talk with a professional counselor.



Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
Preferred Lifestyle Services

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