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Assisted Living is No Longer an Option for Dad - Now What?

Judie Rappaport
November 4, 2014

Dear Judie,


My father has lived in the same Assisted Living Facility for five years. Now they want him to leave because he needs too much help. I don’t get it. There’s almost nothing wrong with him---he’s just frail. If he didn’t need assistance, why would he live in Assisted Living? I don’t want to put him in a nursing home.

- Frantic, Pt. St. Lucie


Dear Frantic,


Basic Assisted Living in a community generally assumes that the resident can transfer from a bed to a chair, navigate to the dining room, and evacuate in an emergency—all without assistance. If your father is too frail for these guidelines, look for Assisted Living with advanced levels of care where the “assistance” increases to meet his needs. You’ll be charged for the extra care, but you might avoid a nursing home.



Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
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