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Helping Dad Find Arthritis Relief

Judie Rappaport
November 25, 2014

Dear Judie,


My father is in constant pain from arthritis but refuses to go back to the specialist. He says, "There is nothing he can do for me, so what's the point of wasting good money?" I answer, "Dad, it's been almost a year since you've seen him and there may new treatments." He replies, "Stop worrying. If there was a new medicine, the doctor would call me." Is dad right?

- Sam, Tequesta


Dear Sam,


A more likely scenario is that the doctor asked dad to call him for follow up visit. Are you sure dad is being honest with you or with himself? Perhaps the doctor gave him a prescription he hasn't filled because he cannot afford the medication or perhaps dad is in denial about the severity of his problem. Realistically, there are times when you can't do anything. However, before you give up, log onto the National Library of Medicine ( ) and look for advances in arthritis treatment. Then, discuss both the advances and the affordability of medications with dad. If he sees other doctors, fill them in on dad's refusal to seek treatment and ask for their help in determining the cause and in changing his mind.



Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
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