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Stay Involved With Your Parent’s Nursing Home Care Plan

Judie Rappaport
January 29, 2015

Dear Judie,

I’m concerned about mom’s care in her nursing home.  She’s fallen twice, amazingly with no damage, but I don’t think she should she be falling at all.  What’s my next step?

- Phil, Stuart


Dear Phil,

Accidents happen, but falling twice suggests problems: Visit the Director of Nursing and ask for details: Where was the fall? Who found her?  Could mom’s medications cause dizziness? Who examined her to determine whether she was injured? What was the cause of her fall? Has the staff made arrangements to prevent another fall? Ask to attend the patient care conference (staff meeting to discuss mom’s plan of care).  Keep records of the dates you visit, who you talk to, questions asked, answers given, and other problems witnessed or discussed.  If the nursing home refuses to answer your questions or mom falls again, file a formal complaint with the Agency for Health Care Administration 888-419-3456 (www.ahca.myflorida/com/contact).  Your written record will help.  Stay involved. Supportive family members often help improve the level of care for nursing home patients.


Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
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