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Talking About End-of-Life Care is Vital

Judie Rappaport
January 20, 2015

Our society looks at autonomy and independence as fundamental parts of a good quality of life. Adults in good health, for the most part, do all they can to ensure that they can live the way they want to. As we age, many times the normal range of decisions we make for ourselves as parts of living our lives are slowly diminished. Many go from getting up when we want to, eating when we feel like it, going out when the fancy takes us, to being put on schedules. Schedules that may not necessarily be what we want, but what is most convenient for those charged with our care.


While our loved ones (children and relatives) value their independence, what they value most for those they feel may need care is safety. Often, what individuals needing care value the most is not taken into consideration in trade for what caregivers feel would better serve to keep them alive.


Sarah Kliff, a health-care reporter, has written a compelling article about end-of-life care and the loss of autonomy that many face. In it, she talks about a dialogue that needs to be happening in families that are assuming the caregiver role for their elderly loved ones. We ask that you please take some time to read this compelling piece, and truly reflect on its message.

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Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
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