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Don’t Let Dad’s Arthritis Interfere With His Social Life

Judie Rappaport
February 19, 2015


Dear Judie,


Dad’s (84) arthritis is so painful he’s started refusing invitations to socialize with friends. He says his doctor told him the disease “is a normal part of aging” and nothing can be done. He doesn’t even have a pain prescription. Is this really normal or should we get another opinion?


- Donna, PSL


Dear Donna,

Dad’s physician may be referring to the fact that some illnesses and conditions are more prevalent among seniors, but as a rule, nothing with the word “disease” in its name is “normal.” Ease is normal; dis-ease signifies a problem. Arthritis pain is chronic. Left untreated, it can destroy dad’s quality of life. Talk to dad’s physician to be certain dad reported the conversation accurately and he isn’t in denial about his need for treatment. If the physician confirms dad’s report, look for an arthritis specialist to evaluate dad for treatment and pain management so that he can enjoy life. For more information on arthritis treatment and management, log onto The Arthritis Foundation at


Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
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