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The Dangers of Memory Loss

Judie Rappaport
March 5, 2015

Dear Judie,


Mom’s (82) apartment building assigns parking spots, but she’s forgetful and keeps parking in the wrong spaces. When I saw notices from the building assessing fines each time she parks in someone else’s space, I taped reminders to her dashboard, “Park in Space 265.”  She still parks in the wrong spaces. What else can I do?


- Paula, Stuart


Dear Paula,


The real question is, “What else does Mom forget?” If she can’t follow directions on her dashboard, will she remember to stop at red lights or stop signs? Act now before Mom harms herself or someone else.  Call Alzheimer’s Community Care (Martin/St. Lucie-772-223-6351; Ft. Pierce- 772 466-3261); the Alzheimer’s Assn. (800-272-3900), or Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s Assn. (Vero  (772-360-4838) to help assess Mom’s ability to live independently and continue driving. If the diagnosis is “stop driving,” ask for help removing Mom’s car and scheduling alternative transportation so Mom can continue to shop, socialize, and see her doctors—all of which contribute to her maintaining a good quality of life.


Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
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