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How to Deal with Opinionated Family When It Comes to Caregiving

Judie Rappaport
April 30, 2015

Dear Judie:

I love my mom (90) and am happy to help care for her, but I know my capabilities. I’m not comfortable giving her a bath or helping her on the toilet and mom is as uncomfortable as I am. I hired a wonderful lady who provides her with good care. My sister in law thinks I’m wrong and tells me so every time I see her.  I haven’t invited my brother over for months because she’s so annoying. How do I make her stop?

- Dana, Hobe Sound        


Dear Dana:

By telling her it’s none of her business. When she brings the subject up again, sweetly ask, “I’m not sure you understand the emotional and physical experiences of a caregiver.  Why don’t you come over tonight to bathe and toilet mom and then let’s talk?” When she declines, tell her until she experiences your caregiving issues first hand, her opinion is not valid.


Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
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