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Coming to Grips with an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Judie Rappaport
May 5, 2015

Dear Judie:

Mom’s (83) doctor kept telling us that Mom’s only problem was that she was “getting old.” I finally got her to a neurologist who tested and diagnosed her with Moderate (Stage 2) Alzheimer’s. I almost screamed “do the tests again, you’re wrong!” But I knew in my heart he was right. She still lives alone and manages pretty well, but she’s terrified and so am I. How long can she live alone?

- Jeff, PSL

Dear Jeff:

If you “knew in your heart” the doctor was right, we’re guessing Mom exhibited behavior signaling her need for help. In Moderate Alzheimer’s, the decline of memory and cognitive abilities is significant enough to make 24-hour supervision and assistance a primary need.  

  • Mom should no longer drive, live alone, or manage financial/legal matters.  

  • She may forget to lock her door, evacuate in a fire, or call 911 if she needs help.

  • She’ll likely refuse to bathe, become incontinent, sleep during the day and stay awake at night, and get lost when she goes out alone.  

Medical assistance from a board certified neurologist is mandatory for Mom’s safety and yours—and for your quality of life. Your first step is education by the experts at Alzheimer’s Community Care (Martin/St. Lucie-772-223-6351; Ft. Pierce- 772- 466-3261), Alzheimer’s Assn. (800-861-7826), Vero Beach Alzheimer’s Assn. (772-360-4838).


Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
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