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Strange Behavior From Mom Could Mean Her Health is at Risk

Judie Rappaport
September 8, 2015

Dear Judie,

Mom (98) lives with me. She uses hearing aids, a walker, and her memory’s not what it used to be, but she’s cognizant, an avid reader, bathes and dresses herself. My problem is she makes terrible loud noises all day—often sounding like a dying animal. Her noises drive me crazy and frazzle my nerves. The women in her card group are complaining. They try to be understanding but they won't let her stay in their group much longer if she keeps making these noises. Her doctor says she doesn’t know why or the cause, “but all old people do this”. I'm 75, divorced, an only child, I have COPD and at my wit’s end.

  • Lorraine, Ft. Pierce


Dear Lorraine,

Step 1: Change doctors. Unexpected changes in physical well-being demand a diagnosis (a.k.a. cause) and treatment, neither of which your current physician can provide. Failure to options besides “All old people make that noise” is ageism, not a diagnosis. It also seems to show a blatant disregard for Mom’s safety and comfort.  


Step 2: Quickly seek a second opinion, preferably from a Board Certified Geriatric Physician who can diagnose and treat Mom’s condition. This is the key to restoring your peace of mind and Mom’s quality of life.



Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
Preferred Lifestyle Services

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