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Discovered Alzheimer's Gene Could Help with Early Treatment

Judie Rappaport
October 1, 2015

Recently, King’s College researchers in London announced the discovery of a gene that identifies the Alzheimer’s disease before its manifestation in the patient. They found it while undertaking a “healthy aging”  study that focused on a group of 150 genes that were present in 65 year-olds that were later in life found to be healthy. In the group, the individuals that developed Alzheimer’s had altered “healthy genes.” This difference is significant enough to associate Alzheimer’s with the altered genetic signature. Doctors are hopeful to use this information to identify predisposition to Alzheimer’s before it becomes active in patients using simple blood tests.


With early detection, the possibilities of early treatment can be realised. The earlier treatment can start for Alzheimer’s sufferers, the longer cognitive impairment can be held off. Welcome news indeed for the medical community, elder care advocates, and the many families who struggle with this disease.


Check out NewsMax-Health’s article “ ‘Gene Signature’ Predicts Alzheimer’s Years In Advance”. A marvelous article sharing some extremely exciting news!


Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
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