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Putting a Stop to Hurtful Remarks from Elderly In-Laws

Judie Rappaport
June 26, 2014

Dear Judie, 


My in-laws always thought they were better than my parents, but they were civil to Mom and Dad in my home. Now when they visit, they continuously make snide remarks, especially to my 9-year old daughter. Yesterday my mother-in-law said she won’t attend my daughter’s 10th birthday party if my parents are invited. When I told my husband I would no longer help his parents with meals, drive them to doctors, etc., he said they’re just old and I should overlook their nasty comments. We need a tie-breaker. Do you think I should overlook her comments?  

- Ellen, Hobe Sound


Dear Ellen, 


No. We think you should overlook your husband’s comments. Since he sees no problem with them continuing their abusive behavior, it’s time to explain the facts of life to him and them: no one has the right, regardless of age, to insult you in your own home or to try to poison your daughter’s mind against her grandparents. Invite your parents and ask your husband to tell his parents if they can’t treat your parents cordially you accept their kind offer to stay home.  



Judie Rappaport, President & Founder
Preferred Lifestyle Services

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