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Organize Vital Documents

Will your trusted advisor be able to locate essential information if you need help? Preferred Client Services helps you organize your vital documents in one safe, private, easy to carry package. You will enjoy increased peace of mind knowing you, your family, or trusted advisor can quickly locate information to help when you need it.


  • Personal Documents
    Birth, marriage, adoption, citizenship, divorce, military records; copies of drivers’ license, passport, social security card.
  • Insurance
    Insurance policies for medical, life, long term care; copies of Medicare & other insurance cards
  • Auto - Boat
    Copies of titles, leases, insurance, loan
  • Financial/Investment Records
    Pension, investment accounts; locations of tax returns; income/expenses supporting documentation for current year; copies of credit/debit cards, current credit report
  • Estate Planning Documents
    Advanced directives, durable powers of attorney, locations of will, trust, funeral plans & other documents
  • Home Ownership Records
    Mortgage, insurance, title, deed, most recent tax bill; appraisals of valuable items; property list in case of loss; locations of safety deposit box, storage units, safe, including contents list, who has keys & access rights.
  • Professional Advisors
    Contact information for financial & legal advisors


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