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Guidance Through the Minefield of Alzheimer's

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and Jean for helping me, as to what I saw as an impossible task. Jean’s experience and and knowledge were able to guide us through the minefield of Alzheimer problems. But I would also like to thank both of you for the support you gave me to help me through this terrible ordeal. Thank you again. I will be forever grateful to both of you. And to you Nikki, thank you so much for finding and recommending these wonderful people to me."


Dan D., Boynton Beach





A Gift Beyond Words

"Because of all of your good work, and the caring relationship Mom has with Unie, I am able to arrive for this visit with only one goal - love. The rest has been handled by you. Thank you so much from all of my heart - this is a gift beyond words."


Karen K




Relieved and Truly Grateful

Dear Judie: I am so grateful to Jean,, and you, for putting in place this level of caring for Mom. I appreciate the thorough reports detailing situations, medications, challenges and successes. Jean is giving the attention and support that I wanted Mom to have. I am relieved and I am truly grateful. Thank you so much.


Karen K, Mill Valley, CA



Dedicated and Compassionate Service

"I am writing with regard to the dedicated and compassionate service that Judie Rappaport and her staff at Preferred Lifestyle Services has provided to my mother and father during the past few months. The past year has been very trying as I have had to make difficult decisions related to my father’s critical care, his ultimate need for Hospice care, his death and the very hard decision to place my mother in a memory care community due to the progression of her Alzheimer’s following my father’s death. Throughout my long-distance care giving experience, Preferred Lifestyle Services has been there as my eyes and ears between the many trips that I have had to make to my parent’s home in Palm Beach from California. I never had to worry if something had to be taken care of as the staff at Preferred Lifestyle Services was always professional in handling every situation.  Their attention to detail allowed me to focus my attention and efforts on making the important decisions regarding my mother and father’s care. 

Preferred Lifestyle Services assisted me with finding the right homecare agency that had kind, compassionate, think-on-their feet caregivers for my mother as well as those that watched over my father as he lay in the hospital prior to us making the decision to bring Hospice care in.  Judie Rappaport, owner of Preferred Lifestyle Services and her staff also were there to provide comfort and compassion when my father died.The death of my father exacerbated my mother’s Alzheimer’s and Judie and her staff were there once again for me when I was overwhelmed by the decisions I had to make as a result.    

I highly recommend Judie’s staff at Preferred Lifestyle Services to assist with geriatric care management, finding an in-home care agency, and to assist with the details of setting up and billing Medicare and supplemental insurance companies.  Thank you for your time and attention. Please feel free to contact me should you be in the position of making the very important decision of what agency to choose when and if you need geriatric care management services for your parents or your spouse or other loved one.  I will be happy to talk with you and recommend Judie Rappaport and her staff at Preferred Lifestyle Services."

Stephanie Pizzola



Made it Possible For Our Mom to Continue Living In Her Home

"Judie and her team are first rate. They understand the issues surrounding elder care and have made it possible for our Mom to continue living in her home. My sisters and I live in the northeast and we would have had to move our Mom into assisted living by now, probably up here, and certainly against Mom’s wishes, but Preferred Lifestyle Services has made it possible to let her stay in her home for now. It gives us considerable comfort to know that a caring and sophisticated organization is ‘minding the store’ – managing visits, medical appointments, and just making sure that our mother is as happy and content as her condition will allow. I would heartily recommend Judie and the team to anyone dealing with difficult elder care issues."

John Schneiter



Best Geriatric Care Management

"You and your staff provide the best geriatric care management that I know of. You have saved the lives of several incapacitated people that I know through my guardianship practice, and dramatically impacted the lives of several other patients. All this has been possible due to your professionalism and that of your associates, such as Jean Sibery, and your collective street smarts, which should not be underestimated."

Lee Rosenthal, Esq.
North Palm Beach FL



Professional Efficiency and Compassion Enormously Helpful
"I want to express to all of you my sincere gratitude for all your help with Walter. Your astute professionally efficiency combined with kindness and compassion was enormously helpful to me. And all the extra help and consideration made a difference to Walter’s last days."

DM, North Salem, NY



A Wonderful Trust Company Partner
"Preferred Lifestyle Services has been a wonderful partner for my Trust Company for many years. Their skill, expertise, compassion and caring have provided my clients a vastly improved quality of life, and I would recommend them without any qualification."

Lawrence A. Greenberg
Private Client Advisor, Senior Vice President
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management



They Should Right a Book  

"Preferred Lifestyle deals with the craziest s%^t you can imagine, and doesn’t go crazy themselves. Whether it’s repeated police visits to our Mom’s place because she can’t remember her security system’s alarm code, or managing our gonzo uncle who can’t remember what his relatives look like, or playing hide-and-seek with our mother’s car keys, Judie and the team handle it all with aplomb. They could write a book based on all the crazy s%^t they see each day, and chances are they probably will. Preferred Lifestyle Services, where fact is stranger than fiction. Check ‘em out."




My Dad Received the Best Care Possible

"I want to thank you for all that you have done for me and my family in caring for my Dad. From guiding us through the guardianship trial, to developing and administrating a care plan, to following up on his care with regular visits and coordinating with his various doctors. I know my Dad is receiving the best care possible because of you and your organization."

Bill D.

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